My Everyday Non-Toxic Makeup

My Everyday Non-Toxic Makeup

My everyday non-toxic makeup must always hit three criteria:  easy, quick, minimal. If I’m totally honest with you, my everyday makeup is… no makeup. Though I’m certainly no makeup artist, I do love cosmetics, but I don’t always feel like putting something on my face, nor does my skin thank me if I wear it seven days a week — no matter if it’s clean ingredients.

But, when I do feel like playing around with makeup or need that extra boost to make myself feel put together, this is my routine — completely made up of fairly recently discovered green beauty brands. I’m currently using up a lot of samples, and not everything is a perfect fit for me, but despite some flaws I do enjoy these products and am sharing them because though they might not work for me, I would still recommend them!

Just for reference, my skin tone is cool and fair, and skin type is hyper-sensitive and either combination or dry depending on the season.


My Everyday Non-Toxic Makeup

• CONCEALER | Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting in Fair and Light — The tiniest swipe of this product will fully cover a large area. I use Fair to conceal my awful under eye circles; Light is to cover scars, hyper-pigmentation, and acne. The only thing keeping me from buying full-size is my minimalist love for multi-use products. I can’t justify buying two shades of concealer… right now.


(Hynt Beauty concealer in shade Light)

• FOUNDATION | W3ll People Narcissist Stick in Fair Pink 01 — This became such a staple in my makeup that I wore it for a wedding I was in this fall. A dampened beauty blender gives a dewy finish with the illusion of wearing nothing at all (a non-negotiable factor). The lasting power is 8-10 hours. (*I have noticed in the past two weeks, with cooler weather and dryer skin, that my skin needs deep moisturizing before application. Thankfully this product sits well on top of oil.)


• BRONZER | Vapour Beauty Solar Translucent in Mirage — This takes a little work to blend but gives a very subtle, natural contour effect. It’s another product I think I would prefer in summer. (I find samples of stick formulas are good for color matching, not for experiencing the full benefits of an application.)


• HIGHLIGHT | RMS Beauty Living Luminizer  —  I’m in love with this product’s dewy finish, and I love how you can make it subtle and natural or glam it up a bit with a little more product. But I’m not in love with the $38 price tag. I just ran out of my sample. Though I won’t say I’ll never treat myself with a full product, I’m on the hunt for a cheaper dupe.


(My camera has issues so I apologize for the blurry picture | From left to right, a well-loved Vapour Beauty bronzer, Hynt Beauty concealer, RMS Beauty Luminizer)

• BLUSH | Varies between: 100% Pure Pretty Naked Blush or Everyday Minerals Daydream Blush  (which is discontinued much to my dismay — I will be looking  for a dupe!) — The Everyday Minerals blush is a nude brownish-pink and perfect when I want a natural, subtle flush to embrace my paleness. 100% Pure’s blush (included in their Pretty Naked palette) is also a natural flush but with a red undertone. When I want a slightly stronger color to avoid my inner Casper, I’ll use this.


• EYES | 100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette — Speaking of this palette, I’m obsessed with the natural, everyday look I can easily achieve with the eyeshadows. Ever on the lookout for multi-use products, I also use middle brown shade to fill in my brows. However, I reluctantly admit these shadows cause my highly sensitive eyes to burn. It’s not severe enough to keep me from finishing up the palette, but I probably won’t be repurchasing.

(From left to right: Pink Champagne highlighter (I hardly use, as I find it’s too pink on my cool-toned skin); Pretty Naked blush; Flax Seed, Toffee, Chesnut eyeshadows)

• MASCARA | Pure Anada in Brown — I’ve never found a better mascara, both conventional and green beauty. I recently switched to the brown shade; I felt black tones on my already dark eyes were causing my face to appear lifeless. Sure enough I’m not sure I’ll ever use black again unless I’m going for a super dramatic look.


• LIP | Usually, I finish up the look with a generous swipe of lip balm. But lately I’ve been loving these two lipsticks and find myself reaching for them more and more. Tin Feather Cosmetics in Velour, a beautiful antique rose that barely looks like lipstick and feels weightless, and 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in Cacti, a cocoa berry that is somehow both bold and natural-looking at the same time and has some serious staying power,

(I’ll let you in on a secret! As of late, Tin Feather Cosmetics has been rotating their lipsticks on 50% off sale! I bought Velour on sale a few months ago; right now their color Venice is on sale and looks to be a beautiful warm brown-brick shade. A perfect opportunity to try the formula if the shade is your thing!)

(Left: 100% Pure in Cacti | Right: Tin Feather in Velour)

I finish everything off with a pure rose water spray that hydrates and sets. I’ve been using this one by Cedar + Stone, which I found at TJ Maxx:



Would like to see full reviews on any of these products or brands? Let me know in the comments! Do you have go-to green beauty products?





  1. Melissa
    December 1, 2018 / 5:14 pm

    Love these recommendations! Such a bummer about the eyeshadow, as a fellow sensitive eye sufferer it is difficult to find products that don’t burn/sting! Have you ever heard of the brand cocokind? They’ve just started to carry it in my local health/grocery store (Fresh Thyme), and it seems to be at a pretty reasonable price tag (though I’ve heard a few complaints of a light color payoff.)

    • Sarah
      December 1, 2018 / 11:18 pm

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! It is extremely difficult to find sensitive-safe eyeshadow…anything I’ve found that comes close also doesn’t last more than a couple of hours, either. I’ve never heard of cocokind! I think I just looked at every product on their site and my mind is already making a shopping list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. December 2, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    I use the same mascara and love it but have only tried black. Since it is only 45 a tube and lasts forever I am going to have to invest in the brown and see if that works for my eyes. Curious about the concealer you use. I always find that a concealer doesn’t last or that it really doesn’t conceal. May have to try a sample of what you use and see if it helps my dark under eye circles.

    • Sarah
      December 8, 2018 / 3:58 pm

      I think the brown would be very nice for your blue eyes! I will definitely let you try a sample of the concealer I use.

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