How I Created My New Blog with Blogerize

How I Created My New Blog with Blogerize

If you follow Wildflower + Ink you’ll know by now that this blog was once hosted by WordPress under a different name. In the midst of considering what changes I could make, Emily from Blogerize, an online course tailored to help newly established bloggers improve their blogs, reached out with an offer to give my blog a “makeover” in exchange only for a short blurb, and I jumped at the chance.




Let me begin by disclosing while there was no trickery involved, this switch didn’t exactly cost me nothing. In order for Blogerize to custom design a layout, I needed a self-hosted blog rather than WordPress-owned. This meant purchasing a new website hosting plan.

Ever since I first started blogging, a particular dream of mine has been to have complete ownership of my blog. More than happy to spend the little extra money, the opportunity seemed too perfect to pass up.

I knew I wanted to create a new blog name, so Emily gave me a few days to work on that aspect. From there, I set up my new self-hosted site through SiteGround, a WordPress and Blogerize recommended self-hosting service. Emily provided easy-access links, and I set up within minutes. She then took over the reins and transferred EVERYTHING from my WordPress account to my new blog on SiteGround; a dream come true for this non-tech-savvy person.




I gave Emily a basic idea of what I wanted. “Simple, minimalistic with clean lines but an added element of warmth or ‘comfort.'” I went a little further and created a mood board for my blog theme with fonts, colors, and images that inspired me and also sent that along.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.38.14 PM

(I have no particular eye for design but find creating mood boards so enjoyable. Any excuse to make one and I’m there!)

Within half an hour of letting me know she was setting up the blog, Emily had the first layout designed for me. She gave me a few design options at my request, but eventually we settled on the first layout due to its simple and clean look.

I was having trouble with the custom fonts, as I’m particular due to certain vision problems. After expressing my concern, Emily gave me the login details so I could “snoop around” the customizable options. There I found a few fonts I’d used in the past, quickly added them, and approved the design.

Afterwards, Emily gave me step-by-step instructions on how to transfer my followers from WordPress to SiteGround. She told me to contact her within a few days if I had any problems, and just like that… I was blog owner with a spankin’ new website.





Because I went with Blogerize, I skipped out on a significant amount of stress going self-hosted and creating a new site from scratch. Emily was professional and clear, and she impressed me with her fast response times; I could count on her getting back to me on average within an hour. The whole process from contact to goodbye spanned five days, the actual design and transfer only one.

I’m very grateful to the Blogerize team for helping me jumpstart my new blog!


This post was not sponsored, required, nor solicited.  I was thoroughly pleased with the service and wished to share my experience and bring it to the attention of other bloggers who may be looking for the same resource.

Check out Blogerize here!


How I Created My New Blog with Blogerize


  1. Lauri
    November 23, 2018 / 4:24 pm

    They did a great job. Your blog does look clean, simple and inviting.

    • Sarah
      November 26, 2018 / 2:37 am

      So glad you like the new look!

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