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Hi, I’m Sarah.

If you know me, you may be wondering why Sarah, who can barely say ten cohesive words in public, is writing a blog for anyone to read?

Well, I’ve always connected better with the written word. As a writer, I hold more than an appreciation for words — I deeply love the way they can call forth and convey thoughts, feelings, and new viewpoints that we don’t take the time to recognize on a daily basis.

I became passionate about creating an open space where I could express myself with no reservation. My interests have always been scattered, but writing is the one place I return to again and again to sort out my thoughts on life.

While it’s hard to cast off societal expectations, there is no one formula for living. There are ways — slower, simpler ways — to create a richer, fuller life, but each of our paths is specifically crafted. I am learning to accept and build mine one day at a time, one word after another. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



A few facts about me:
  • In the past, I have considered careers in art, teaching, missions, writing, editing, fashion, psychology, marine biology, medicine, etc., etc. I’m not actually that intellectual, I just can’t focus.
  • I’m an acute animal lover — Bella, our thirteen-year-old Jack Russell my family adopted in 2018, is my light.
  • I’ve lived in New England for most of my life and call the mountains home.
  • My interest in writing took off after reading The Chronicles of Narnia as a child
  • You can usually find me curled up with Bella, a cozy blanket, and either a fantasy book or guilty-pleasure TV show (Friends, M*A*S*H, and The Closer are a few favorites) 
  • I published my first short story through a college magazine in 2015; I’ve written several drafts for novels since then but am never satisfied with my work
  • I became drawn to simple living after suffering from severe acne in my late teens and finding a cure through simplifying and going non-toxic in my skincare ingredients. Things took off from there
  • I’m 5’1″ and in my mid-twenties. And yes, I know one day I’ll be thankful for my young appearance. 


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