Non-Toxic Makeup Review: RMS, HAN, and Juice Beauty

Non-Toxic Makeup Review: RMS, HAN, and Juice Beauty

I’ve been testing out my new cream-based makeup I bought for spring over the past couple of weeks and am here to give you some first impressions. I haven’t been using these products long, but so many of you have asked for reviews I figured I’d oblige!

I want to give a couple of “disclaimers,” because again, I’ve only been using these products for a couple of weeks. First, my skin is SO dry right now even my trusty rosehip oil isn’t quite cutting it. As a result, I’m having makeup separation issues after a few hours of wear  — absolutely normal for me when my skin is like this.

Also, I have been experiencing some recent breakouts. I think they are linked to other things, such as stress and a little too much chocolate consumption as of late. However, as many of these products contain coconut oil, I thought I would point this out.  If you are at all sensitive to coconut oil just be aware of this — I will give a full update on these products and their relation to acne at another time.


HAN Skin Care Cosmetics


Concealer in Fair Light — Dare I say it? …I like this so much better than my trusty Hynt Beauty concealer. This concealer blends like a dream over well-moisturized skin and doesn’t exacerbate my dry patches in the slightest. It doesn’t budge or crease whatsoever throughout the day (the only spot I noticed a little movement was around my nose, but I’m a nose-toucher), and it’s a game-changer for my dark under eye circles.


Bronzer in Malibu — If I were to pick one product to use from this bunch for the rest of my life, it would be this bronzer. Finally, someone has created a non-toxic bronzer that lasts, is silky smooth, holds no yellow or orange undertones, and contains no shimmer. Smelling faintly of chocolate from the cocoa pigments, this bronzer applies evenly, blends easily, and looks incredibly natural. The only fault is there’s quite a bit of fall out. Just as a tip, I find it’s best to pat my brush into the pan rather than swirl it.

Juice Beauty


Cream Blush in Flush — I have mixed feelings about this product. My first thought was that it wasn’t very nice. It was a little stiff to blend, though not particularly hard, and it dries down to a matte finish. However, I’ve grown to like this blush. While it still has a slightly more red undertone than I was searching for, it’s an exact match to my natural flush and brings a healthy look back into my face. I can blend this with my fingers, but I do like to give it a last pat with my dampened beauty blender just for extra glow and natural-ness.

It does tend to fade slightly throughout the day, which surprised me due to its matte finish, but if I want to touch up, the product is small and easy to chuck in my purse.  I’ll be using this product ’til I hit pan, but I might look for something that is a little more glowy rather than matte next time.



Bottom: Juice Beauty Cream Blush in Flush ; Middle: HAN Malibu Bronzer ; Top: HAN Concealer in Fair Light


RMS Beauty


Magic Luminizer — It took me forever to decide on which brand I would go with for highlighter. But when I realized I could get one of the RMS Beauty Luminizers for a great discount, I leapt at the chance.

Previously, I had fallen in love with the cult favorite Living Luminizer. My hang up with that product was it didn’t last for more than a couple of hours. After hearing so many rave reviews about their Magic Luminizer — advertised as a “moon-lit champagne opalescence,” which is just about the dreamiest description ever  — I decided to take the plunge. It took me a few applications, but boy have I fallen in love with this beauty. The champagne tint, which is a thicker consistency, blends in with my fair, slightly warm skin tone, leaving behind a natural sheen. You can see the individual mica pigments upon close inspection, but not in a way that makes it look glittery or sparkly. I applied this product around 9AM, and as I type this it is 7PM and the highlighter is still visible.

One thing I noticed debated most often is how much stronger of a highlight Magic is than the Living Luminizer. Yes, I think this highlighter is more noticeable than the Living because it is “brighter,” but in my opinion it’s just as natural looking. In fact, I have to use a little more product than usual to get my desired effect. The Living gives a slightly more wet, dewy effect, which I love, but the fact that the Magic stays all day and still looks beautiful and natural makes it a winner for me.


Bottom: RMS “Un” Cover-Up in #11 ; Middle: Magic Luminizer ; Top: Magic Luminizer sheered and blended out


“Un” Cover-Up in shade 11 — I’ve been using the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up concealer for foundation, as many do, and an extra boost of coverage for my dark under eye circles. I’ve saved this one for last because, while I love it, I have some hang ups…

First, I know it looks a little orange in the pictures, but the shade 11 is my PERFECT match, due to the mineral pigments that shade match to your own skin tone. (If you’re curious about shades, I also had previously tried shade 00 and thought it was a perfect match, but upon looking at old pictures I realized it left me looking rather pale.)

This product, first and foremost, is beautiful. It goes on like a dream and leaves a very dewy finish that dries down throughout the day without leaving it dry as the oils soak into your skin. Yet another example of how we need to be careful of what we’re putting on our skin!

I do notice some slight wear throughout the day around my cheeks and chin, but a) I have yet to try a foundation that doesn’t, and b) it fades very naturally. The only other thing I’ve noticed the past few times I’ve applied is that, upon close inspection, it doesn’t look as smooth after a couple of hours. However, this could be because my beauty blender is getting old or because my skin is ridiculously dry right now. Hopefully I’ll have a better feel in a month or so!

My biggest qualm with this product? The packaging and application. Don’t get me wrong, the frosted glass and white-capped packaging is beautiful. But the opening is so small that as the product dips down I have a hard time getting it (when you have nails, it’s a bit of a nightmare). I would love to see this product maybe in a pan instead?

Then, the application. This is definitely a foundation for those who have smooth skin or only desire light coverage. Between this and my concealer I get medium coverage, which is as much as I wanted this spring. But the absolute key is to build this foundation in thin layers and only up to 2 layers (sometimes I spot conceal with a 3rd). Again, this is fine if it’s what you’re looking for. My complaint, however, is the time it takes. Between having to warm up the product, apply in small, thin areas over each facial section individually, and blend out with a beauty blender, it’s a bit of a process. I won’t say hassle, but I did originally want something quick to apply and blend, maybe even simply blend with my fingers, and this isn’t that product.

Products used: HAN concealer, RMS “Un” Cover-Up, RMS Magic Luminizer, Juice Beauty Cream Blush, HAN bronzer, Pure Anada brown mascara, 100% Pure Pretty Naked palette for brows, DIY lip balm

Overall, while I think I would’ve made a couple of different choices for what I personally wanted to use this season, I still love these products. I’ll continue to use them and I’m sure really enjoy them throughout the next few months. Plus, every time I wear all of these products together I get compliments on how fresh and natural my makeup looks, so that never hurts.

What non-toxic products are you trying out this spring? Did any of these products sneak onto you list? Let me know in the comments!

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Non-Toxic Makeup Review: RMS, HAN, Juice Beauty


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