Simple Living | What Does It Mean?

Simple Living | What Does It Mean?

If you took a quick glance at my life, simple living may be something you think I already have a handle on in my day-to-day schedule. Compared to most people, my outward level of busy appears rather nonexistent.

But while my busy may not look the same as someone else’s, I am a mentally busy person. My personality is obsessive; if I get an idea in my mind and set myself to the task, I will not come out of the haze until it is completely done. Before I’ve completed one thing, I’m thinking of the next.

These “highs” of working hard, feverishly building anticipation, and accomplishing a mission are when I’m happiest.

But the mental and physical crash I experience afterwards are when my mental state is at its worst.

I’m an easily distracted, scattered person. Over the course of the past two years, I’ve incorporated minimalism into my life to eliminate clutter in hopes of bringing about balance. Living with less has made a significant impact on my ability to keep up with day-to-day life and my emotional well-being.

Read about my experience with minimalism and mental health here!

But in spite of 2017-2018 being two huge years for decluttering, I still found myself in a state of discontentment, frenzy, and restlessness. Though minimalism creates freedom and opportunity for new ventures, it doesn’t necessarily teach what to do with this newfound freedom.

As I contemplated how to keep myself stable in every aspect of life, I stumbled upon the concept of simple living. 

Simple Living | What Does It Mean?


Eliminating physical clutter is only the beginning. We must also focus on internal simplification or our physical efforts will have been for naught.

Simple living is a stand against the glorification of busy. 

Too often, life is deemed worthy by our outward actions. We fill our schedule with social activities, school, a career, taking extra hours at work, always on the go-go-go. If we don’t participate in these things, life is viewed as unfulfilling. People wonder what is wrong. Your life isn’t deemed “successful.”

But I ask you this: When did busy become our basis for a happy life?


Over the past year, I’ve been feeling the itch to “be busy.” In 2018, my closest friends took big steps to move forward in their lives, but I stayed in relatively the same spot I’ve been in for the past four years.

So, I created this blog to finally pursue a dream of becoming a freelancer and creating my own business. I work from the moment I wake up to the wee hours of the next morning, creating, writing, networking.

I thought the busier I was, the more legitimate I would appear.

I convinced myself that the more I worked, the less people would be inclined to think I was wasting my life.

But I soon found my mind couldn’t handle all the tasks I threw on myself. I was trying to do too much at once for all the wrong reasons. 


I believe simple living is how we were created to live. Over time, advancements in all aspects of life have modernized and quickened our world. Some of these advancements have been to our greatest benefit.

Many more have drawn us away from the important things in life.

We have lost all sense of slow, intentional living. We have increased our anxiety and discontent because we can no longer focus on one thing at a time or identify what is important. We have deadened our minds by filling our time with mindless, superfluous actions that do nothing to improve quality of life.


Simple living is the ultimate awareness. An awareness of what and whom we surround ourselves with, of what we tasks ourselves with daily, of whom we are.

It’s recognizing what brings us joy, what brings us peace of mind, what enriches our bodies and souls. It’s learning to hold onto those things and let go of the rest. It is the ultimate journey to contentment.

A brief overview on how to accomplish living simply:

  • Cut the unnecessary from your life.
  • Fill your days with things that bring you joy.
  • Prioritize the important things in life.
  • Slow down and eliminate multitasking.
  • Be aware of and appreciate what is around you.

Following the new year, I will expand in more detail on specifically how to slow down and simplify life.

For now, I’m letting the blog rest as I put into practice slow, simple living and enjoy much-needed family time over the Christmas holiday.

I can’t wait to reconnect with you after the new year; we will be talking more about simple living, minimalism, and non-toxic living, but also introducing new topics on zero waste and sustainability, ethical fashion, seasonal living, and mental health!

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram where I will still be engaging with followers and keeping you updated on what’s next for the blog!



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