Beauty and the Budget: 7 Money-Saving Tips for Going Non-Toxic

Beauty and the Budget: 7 Money-Saving Tips for Going Non-Toxic

I briefly touched on maintaining a budget when switching to green beauty in this post, but after a reader (and family member) came to me saying she had bought a popular drugstore brand blush, knew she shouldn’t have because of the toxic ingredients, but the purchase boiled down to budget (a $7 drugstore cosmetic being more affordable than anything from a non-toxic brand), I felt the need to expand on this topic.

So, before going any further with discussions on non-toxic living, below are seven tips on how you can stay within budget while still cleaning up your green beauty act.

Beauty and the Budget: 7 Money-Saving Tips for Going Non-Toxic
1. Minimize Your ProductsMinimalism is changing my life — and saving me dollars. So, before you begin anything, deep clean your routine. Go pull your “holy grail products.” Work on switching those products to non-toxic ones first, and you may find you don’t need much more than your basics to achieve great skin or your daily makeup looks.

2. Take Advantage of Samples. Samples of blush, concealer, and mascara can often replace full-size products. While this is dependent on how much/how often you use these products, I’ve found a single blush sample can last 3-6 months — Everyday Minerals offers a sample kit and free samples with each purchase; most natural concealers are oil-based, helping them to stretch out (check out Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer samples from The Detox Market); and sample size mascaras last about 2-3 months, which is the hygienic turn around time for mascara anyways. I spend about $5 every three months on this sample size mascara rather than paying $18-20 per tube for most non-toxic brand mascaras and save lot of $$ (this particular shop offers free shipping on all sample sizes with the code FREESAMPLESHIPPING. Not my code, just sharing the savings!).

3. DIY. Powder beauty products are particularly affordable to DIY. You can easily make dry shampoo or foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows for cheap. Of course, the absolute easiest thing I’ve DIY’d is lotion — I just don’t use it anymore. Instead, I use oil, like coconut or rosehip (it’s a lifesaver if you have sensitive skin).

4. Multi-Purpose Items. Speaking of using oil as a moisturizer, using things you already have at home or that can serve more than one purpose is a great way to save money. Oil can be a makeup remover, cleanser, and both body and facial moisturizer. In your cosmetics, look for things such as a duo lip and cheek tint (Etsy offers so many I’m currently coveting) or an eyeshadow that can also serve as a brow filler and eyeliner. Get creative. (Tip: What you use for bronzer or blush usually looks great on your eyes as well!)

5. Hunt for Discounts. I can’t stress this enough — hunt down those deals. Download an app such as Honey that will automatically check the web for discount codes floating through cyberspace. If I have a particular product I wish to find a coupon for, I search for a review on that product through Google or YouTube. Include the word coupon or discount, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find a 10-15% off coupon — a lot of natural beauty reviewers have their own affiliate codes.

6. Include It in Your Budget. To avoid overspending, make room in your budget for green beauty. Create a specific category in your budget breakdown or simply sneak a few dollars every week into your savings account. Within a couple of months you’ll have enough for a good jumpstart.

7. Do a Makeup-Free Challenge. The best thing I did for my skin was go almost an entire year makeup free. Going makeup-free helps your products last longer and keeps you from buying non-essentials “on a whim.” A month, even just a couple of weeks is truly beneficial to both your skin and your pocket.


How do you save money while maintaining a non-toxic beauty routine? Let me know in the comments!






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