Welcome to Wildflower + Ink

Welcome to Wildflower + Ink


Many of you are joining me from my previous blog, Confabulari, where all content published before this post was originally located. I’m so glad you have followed the blog over to this new site! To those of you who are new, in the beginning of 2017 I created a site called Confabulari (which means “to talk together or have an informal conversation”) in order to write book reviews, talk about my passion for writing, and connect with other creative people.

But over the past year my interests have grown, and slowly that blog became a box tightly sealed with no air holes. I desired a platform where I could feel free to expand my content —  thus Wildflower + Ink was born.

The decision to change the name of the blog was difficult but inevitable. I loved Confabulari — still do — but as the focus of my content shifted to embrace more topics on simplicity, non-toxic living, and health, I realized the name was something fitting to my previous vision, not my current self.

Admittedly, I was also a little tired of the befuddled looks from people who thought I was speaking gibberish when I told them what my blog name was.

Now that you know why I made the switch, you may be wondering about the new name.

I set out to create a clearer title that would obviously state the focus of my blog.

I didn’t exactly accomplish that goal, but I believe the name is still well-suited to both the blog and myself.

Ink is fairly self-explanatory… but no, it has nothing to do with tattoos as someone pointed out to me the other day after I purchased the domain (thanks, Dad). Despite moving towards a more natural-living lifestyle blog, I’m by no means done talking about books. Books have been my friends, words my joy and comfort. I love to pour over the printed page, enraptured in a story, and as a writer, my hands are always marked with ink. I have sensory problems and can’t stand for my hands to be dirty or stained, but this is the exception; the sight of ink on my fingers never fails to make me smile.

Wildflower is truthfully more vague. As I began to ponder how I could incorporate the natural side of my blog into the name, I thought about my blog topics: non-toxic, simpler and minimal living. But everyone is incorporating those words into their blog names, and I wanted something different.  So, I listed out what natural things I most love and kept coming back to wildflowers.

The hardy wildflower adapts to its environment; it rests in great fields, guards mountainsides, survives the desert, and has the tendency to surprise you in the most isolated spaces. By itself it appears gentle and simple and in abundance has the ability to make a stunning impact. They have made their impression on us throughout history — poems have been written about them, memories captured and pressed between the pages of old books, and if you conduct a quick internet search you might be shocked at how these little pieces of nature were once used as natural healing remedies in a forgotten time.

I want my blog to be a simple space with a big impact. I want to present a calming atmosphere whilst spurring people to action, whether that be to something as simple as reading more or as transforming as creating a new lifestyle in order to become the healthiest and happiest person they can be.

I’m hoping Wildflower + Ink will be the fresh start I need to finally become the blogger and creator I dream of being, and my greatest hope is that you will join me on this journey to wellness and simplicity.


Stay tuned to learn more about how I was approached to create Wildflower + Ink’s website!


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  1. Lauri
    November 20, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    I love the name and your explanation of why you chose it makes perfect sense. Looking forward to what you have to offer on here in the future,

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