The Evidence of Green Beauty (My Skin)

The Evidence of Green Beauty (My Skin)

There are many areas of non-toxic living. Cosmetics and beauty products are a personal passion of mine, but they are actually perfect starting points for your switch to green beauty.

Introducing me at age 19. This is the only picture I can find of a close-up of my face – it was taken on my computer webcam, makeup-free, when I was alone snuggling with my dog. In this moment I felt “safe,” a rare occurrence as I was constantly slathering on chemical-filled makeup and hiding my face behind my hands or tucking my chin into a hoodie in the dead of summer. The picture isn’t very clear, but you can see the marks wrapping from my cheeks and jaw line around my chin – my “beard” of acne. 95% of these spots were deep, excruciating, cystic acne. My smile is strained simply because it hurt.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 8.53.24 PM

This is me, 5 years later, after I cleaned up my beauty routine and eating habits:
















My cheeks will forever be red (thank you, fair skin), but DO YOU SEE THAT DIFFERENCE?  I’m sorry for shouting, but I still get so excited when I examine my skin as it is now. My face is not clear of imperfections but to me, it is perfect, beautiful, healthy skin.

It’s taken me years to figure out my triggers, be it what I’m putting on my skin or in my body through food, but I’ve finally gotten to the point I’m comfortable with my skin and confident in identifying what isn’t healthy for my body’s largest organ.

The two biggest things that have helped me clear my acne:

  1. Simplifying my beauty products, both in number and ingredients
  2. Cleaning up my diet

Not only is my acne healed, but irritation over my entire body has calmed; I used to have dry, itchy skin but now I rarely even use lotion, my skin doesn’t burn and turn beet red when I use daily products, and instead of feeling sore and achy, my skin feels plump and light  (yes, skin feeling heavy is a thing).

Over the next two posts, I’m going to lay out a guide I hope will help you navigate the confusing twists and turns that can arise when switching to a greener lifestyle. I hope you will consider the toxins you are implementing into your daily life and feel inspired to go on this journey with me.

(While I keep mentioning my diet, and I do intend to talk about it more at some point, we have been focusing on chemical ingredients in beauty products over the last two posts and that is where the focus will continue to lie — but please go into this next phase aware that gut health is linked directly to the skin, and so if you’re jumping into this hoping to clear up acne or another related condition, you may not see complete results if your diet is still poor.)

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The Evidence of Green Beauty (My Skin)



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